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Shane Baéz, Chief Executive Officer:

Sarah Hubbard, J.D., President, Archangel House Publishing:

Charles Holland, J.D., Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs:


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Founder and Chairman Emeritus: M. Rutledge McCall


Mission Statement

CAM Artistic Management is dedicated to using our pool of talent, including project management, writing, ghostwriting, editing, screenwriting and adaptations, songwriting and scoring, and other creative endeavors, solely for the purpose of raising the standard of entertainment the highest possible levels.
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What we do

Since 1985, CAM staff have written, ghostwritten, edited, adapted, overseen the editorial work of writing, ghostwriting, songwriting, screen adaptations, scoring, and production endeavors, on over 130 projects for clients worldwide, in multiple genres and media that run the gamut.
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With more than 35 years of experience in writing, ghostwriting, songwriting, editing, screen adaptations, project management, feature film, streaming and television production management, film & TV drama writing and music scoring, CAM puts things right for our clients and keeps them there, focusing on enhancing demand for their books, songs, film, TV and streaming projects.
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